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​Do you feel stuck? Have you been dissatisfied or unfulfilled in your life or work for a long time?
Or do you have a problem that keeps always coming back? Are you ready for a change?

​Gain a new perspective, solve your problem!

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Vertical Coaching
Basic Package

1 free online chemistry meeting
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4 in-person coaching sessions in Basel 

CHF 1999

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More information on the Vertical Coaching Basic Package

About vertical coaching


​​The coaching is individually tailored to you and is oriented towards your questions. 

Your coach will always focus on your needs in the current situation. 


​​The coaching sessions take place at intervals of 3-4 weeks. The sessions build on each other and always have a main topic.

After each session, your coach will give you exercises to deepen and consolidate your insights until the next session.  


​In each session your coach works with you intellectually as well as somatically (physically) and emotionally. 

This holistic approach guarantees an effective coaching experience. 

Based on science

​Vertical coaching is based on a developmental psychological stage model. It is the most comprehensive model of human development available to us today. 

It says that people develop throughout their lives. This development encompasses all aspects of the human being - emotions, worldview, cognition, needs, musicality, kinaesthetics, etc. - and unfolds in stages. Different aspects can develop at different rates. In many people, for example, cognition (IQ) is more developed than emotionality (EQ). 

If the development of the individual aspects differs too much, this can lead to problems and personal suffering. The transition from one stage to the next is also often problematic. This sometimes shows itself clearly (puberty, midlife crisis), but can also take on more subtle forms. In such cases, vertical coaching can be very helpful.

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Vertical Coaching Basic Package

Free chemistry meeting (online): Get to know your coach

​You get to know your coach to find out if the chemistry between you is right. 
The first meeting is free of charge. It takes place online and lasts about 30 minutes. 

Online assessment (online): Your coach gets to know you

​You answer a few questions about yourself and your concerns online and are filmed while doing so. 
This information helps your coach to prepare ideally for the first meeting.
The assessment lasts 20-40 minutes. 

​1st meeting (on site in Basel): ​Discover new degrees of freedom in your everyday life

Space, body awareness and freedom of choice
Your coach shows you that you have much more decision-making power and freedom in every situation than you previously believed. And that it is important for your well-being that you make these decisions consciously. 

​2nd meeting (on site in Basel): ​Learn a new way of dealing with your emotions

Body and emotions
You learn to perceive your body and your emotions better and to understand their relationship to each other better. And you will learn how to apply this knowledge to your everyday life. 

​3rd meeting (on site in Basel): Gain clarity

Discover your clarity
Deep within you lies the knowledge of what your next right step in life is. But this knowledge comes at a price: awakening it often causes anger or pain. Your coach shows you how to walk through the pain or anger to find clarity.   

​4th meeting (on site in Basel): Take the next step

Together with your coach you look back on the coaching and draw a conclusion. You discuss what should follow from the coaching and what your next steps are. 

Price: CHF 1999, VAT incl.

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​Is vertical coaching right for you?

​If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then vertical coaching is almost certainly right for you. Book a free online chemistry meeting now and get to know your vertical coach!

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Kai Mosebach

Your sensitive coach for the next step.
I pick you up where you are at the moment and clear the way with you so that you can reconnect with the feeling of what you really want again and again.
Together we will then find out why you are not getting what you want. With this clarity you regain the responsibility that is necessary so that you can take the right next steps.

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Simon Grossen

Cordial and grounded sparring partner with an eye for the big picture.
I have a wealth of experience as a confidant for self-employed people and start-ups and with the four modules of the Integral Life Practice. With me
you get in touch with your heart and with what is really important to you. I hold space for you and challenge you to take concrete steps that promote and advance you and what is most important to you in life.

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Nicole Grossen

Sensitivity and clarity combined
With my fine feminine sense for energies and emotions and at the same time a great masculine clarity, I lead you to your deepest deepest truth. Who are you really? What do you really want? Where do you go? I will guide you deep into your inner self, where the answers to these questions lie hidden. I illuminate with you all the obstacles that block the way and we clear them away so that your very own and great potentials can unfold.

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Andreas Renz

Humorous and witty exchanges 
I have a lot of experience in almost any form of consciousness work: be it philosophy, Integral Bodywork or emotional confrontation. I will lift you you out of your usual world and bring you into contact with your deepest vision and your highest destiny. From this perspective we will dive into concrete action, so that at the end you have the clarity and courage to take the next step.

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​Coaching location in Basel

​​The coaching sessions take place in a very nice course room in the middle of Basel, only a few steps away from the Rhine.

Integrales Zentrum Schaueburg

Schauenburgerstrasse 17
4052 Basel


The course room is in the building in the backyard.
Ring the bell at Integral Schweiz Genossenschaft.