An integral model of personal development

The graphic on this poster represents our structural development in all its dimensions: Quadrants, Structures and Lines (otherwise knwon as AQAL, as coined by Ken Wilber; it also includes State-Development and Types). 

Each line represents a competence (e.g. needs, self-identity, body, sex, relationships, morality, social structure) that is universal in all cultures, which means that we all have these lines and that they are developed up to a certain stage. The short texts show what each line looks like at each stage (while some of them are not real developmental lines, but examples to give you a feeling of the structure-stages). The poster can be used as an integral psychogram for diagnostic purposes or as a comprehensive source of information.

Where can I get the poster?

The poster is available as a digital version in English and German in our webshop. If you are interested in a printed poster (PP, formats A0/B0) or a roll-up for a presentation, please contact us.


PDF demo version (EN) - free

PDF full version (EN) - CHF 20 incl. VAT

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