IAI: Introduction




Who am I?

This is a question we pursue all our lives. With the Integral Address Indicator we want to bring you a little closer to the answer.

The determination of the Integral Address is the most precise and profound description of a consciousness. It contains information about what is normally invisible to us: The glasses through which we see the world. Having this information is of immense value when it comes to making a real difference in our lives. Only when I know where I am can I know which direction I want to go.

At IntegralWorks, it is our goal to make the Integral Address determination available to anyone who is interested. We've made the process as smooth as possible so that it's not only quick, but even fun.

The Integral Address includes

  • the personality type (Polarity and Enneagram)
  • the psychological health (Shadow)
  • the personal development in five central lines of development
    • Worldview
    • Values
    • Needs
    • Self-Identity
    • Cognition

If you want to learn more about the Integral Address and about IAI, you can watch below an excerpt from the presentation we had the opportunity to give at the Integral European Conference 2021.





IAI at IEC 2021




And How Does This Work Exactly?

After you have successfully registered for the IAI, we will send you a link to your email inbox. As soon as you have a good and undisturbed moment, you can start with the IAI assessment. You will need a laptop or computer with a good internet connection, a webcam and microphone, and about 20-30 minutes of time. We will then put you in different assessment situations, ask you questions, and film you as you go. You don't have to be afraid of this, because you can't make any mistakes. From this video we can very quickly determine the results and within a few days you will receive an invitation from us for a personal debriefing.

In the debriefing (via VideoCall), one of our evaluators will discuss the results with you and give you very specific steps you can take to accelerate your growth. These can be very different things: e.g. meditate more (or less) or try a physically intensive sport and so on. Of course, these specific recommendations are clearly tied to the outcome of the assessment. For example, if we find a blockage at the Red level, we will recommend something that can bring you into contact with that part of yourself.







For Coaches

Interested in using the Integral Address Indicator in your own coaching? Wonderful! Contact us to establish a common outline and add our vertical perspective to your coaching. We will then have the review conversations about your clients directly with you.

Do you want to learn to evaluate the IAI and join our team of evaluators? Even better, but this requires intensive training as well as Shadow Work, as the IAI is subject to very strict rules to ensure the high quality necessary to deliver good, ego-free results. As you have already seen in the video, the evaluator must bring a higher resolution to this than that of the client in order to be able to recognize him. However, with humility and enjoyment of the subject, there is little in the way. This part of the IAI is still under construction. Still interested? Then contact us and we will keep you up to date as soon as the training can start.





For Organizations and Teams

Are you interested in using IAI within your team(s) to get to know and understand each other better, and also to see your team as a distinct entity more clearly? Then contact us so that we can find out in more detail what your goal and motivation is, how the IAI can best support you in achieving it, and how we can work together to create an IAI subset tailored to you.

Do you want to use the IAI on a large scale within your organization for coaching or leadership development and even install and manage it on-premise? In this case, too, we want to know what your exact goals are and how we can transfer the high quality of the IAI into your company.





Legal and Privacy

Während des IAI werden sehr sensible Daten erzeugt.

Wir nehmen dieses Thema ernst und das bedeutet:

  • wir verschlüsseln den gesamten Datenverkehr immer mit aktueller TLS-Technologie
  • die Daten werden in einem sicheren Rechenzentrum in Deutschland gespeichert
  • die Videodaten werden nach der Auswertung sofort gelöscht ausser Sie erlauben uns ausdrücklich, diese für interne Entwicklungs- und Schulungszwecke zu verwenden
  • die Integralworks AG gibt Ihre Daten unter keinen Umständen an Dritte weiter
  • das IAI und die erzeugten Daten entsprechen der DSGVO / GDPR, dem weltweit strengsten Datenschutzgesetz