With HireFit, you find employees that really fit into your team
while significantly reducing your recruiting efforts.

HireFit is a new, holistic way to recruit. It allows you to balance
soft skills, the cultural fit, and the unconscious strengths and
weaknesses of your candidates equally to their hard factors.

Even before the first interview takes place, HireFit will tell you: 

  • how well do the candidates fit into the team (Culture Fit)
  • will they positively influence your team culture (Culture Shaping)
  • what are the unconscious strengths and weaknesses of the candidate
  • how can you promote the identified strengths
  • how can you and your team deal constructively with the identified weaknesses
  • what specific topics should you pay attention to during the interview
  • what is your first impression of the person and is your gut feeling right?

This will give you a holistic picture of the applicant even before the first interview and you will have to conduct less interviews while still having the certainty that you selected the right person.


What our clients say

"First of all, it was a lot of fun. I don't think I've ever had as much fun recruiting as I had with you guys! ... 

What you promised at the beginning, support in recruiting, feedback etc., it went much further than that! Also in the discussion with you, there was very valuable information that we can still use today." 

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Case Studies

This is the report you will receive from us

Case Study 1 - Sales Manager at Ecochange Corp
Englisch Version

Case Study 2 - Product Owner at Inno AG
German Version

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The advantages of HireFit are


The strength of HireFit is its ability to accurately identify and assess the soft skills of candidates, such as values, needs, interpersonal skills, creativity and teamwork. Together with the information on the "hard" factors such as education, experience and performance, this provides a holistic picture of a candidate.

Objective and authentic 

Information that people give about themselves must always be interpreted with caution. For example, introverts often present themselves much worse than equally competent extroverts. The assessment by our coaches completes the self-portrayal of the candidate with an unbiased external view and thus enables an authentic picture.

Promoting Culture and Values

With HireFit, you find those employees who truly fit your company or team culture. 

Will the new hire support and carry our culture, will he or she be neutral or will there even be unconscious blocks towards our culture? What can or should we do to integrate him or her quickly and well?

The HireFit results give clear answers to these questions!

Promoting Diversity of Thought

Since HireFit objectifies inner personality traits, it can, if desired, specifically prefer traits that are underrepresented in the team or even missing altogether.

Save time and reduce effort 

Thanks to HireFit you eliminate (at least) one round of interviews and the need for further personality assessments.
The savings in time and money are significant 

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