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In the Scrum process the Scrum Master plays a key role. He is not directly responsible for the product or its quality, but for the quality of the work process itself. This is because we work under the basic assumption that a good working process necessarily generates a high quality result.

This places unique personal demands on the Scrum Master: If the product is good and the team is successful, it means that he has done his job well. But at the same time he was not directly involved in the work itself and therefore cannot fully call it his own.

No team member in a Scrum team must be able to act as selflessly as the Scrum Master. And a good Scrum Master can use this selflessness to track down selfish motivations in his Scrum Team: He is the "ego snooper" and in the best case he sets a good example: he becomes the Servant Leader.

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The regular Scrum Master training is mainly focused on the external aspects of the role: Know the rules of the process, find out how they can best be applied to your team and your product, teach all team members the same language, etc.

But the inner aspects or the personality of the Scrum Master are at least as important: Get to know your own personality, recognize when you are acting out of unconscious emotions or selfish motivations, recognize when a team member is doing the same and learn to notice the needs of the team even if they are not doing it themselves.

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Our ScrumMaster+ training delivers just that. First you get to know yourself and also your unconscious aspects. Then you learn how to recognize them before you act. And finally you learn to do the same for your team. The training takes place in three stages:

  1. In the first five sessions (60-90 minutes each) you will receive an assessment using the Integral Personality System (IPS), which gives you insight into your conscious and unconscious personality structures. We will work out concrete steps that will bring more self-confidence into your work as a Scrum Master. Before and after this block we will visit you at your workplace (e.g. in a retrospective) to assess your working methods and your environment.
  2. If you decide to continue, we will work on your unconscious patterns together in an ongoing coaching and help you to bring this work increasingly into your team. You will receive tools that enable you to detect unconscious or fear-based behavior and to show it to the team without judgment.
  3. If your team agrees, we will organize a workshop in which all team members will receive an IPS assessment and learn how they can work more consciously and thus bring more quality, performance and joy into their work.
    If you decide to take part in our ScrumMaster+ training, after a short initial meeting we will decide which of our coaches is best suited for you and which tools are most efficient for your development. Just contact us at