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Are you leading an organisation or a team and facing problems that are too complex for a simple solution? You want to know how interpersonal friction or individual beliefs have a real impact on your performance? Do you want to find out how you can develop yourself and your organisation as efficiently and holistically as possible? The AQAL Analysis shows which deeper causes lead to the symptoms you are observing. Because many seemingly unsolvable complicated issues are very easy to get to the point when viewed through the AQAL lens.

The AQAL Analysis is the most comprehensive and complete view we can offer at the moment. It examines a situation or a system from four basic perspectives and includes the development of consciousness of all stakeholders. The blind spots of each individual affected person are considered as well as infrastructure, work culture, collective patterns, the team's goal and vision and ego-related issues of each individual. In the end, we can trace many different and seemingly independent symptoms back to just a few causes, which brings us to clear and concrete Next-Step recommendations.

There are two options for conducting an AQAL analysis

  1. In a session of about 60-90 minutes you describe your situation to us and we connect the different symptoms and causes in a holistic picture. This form can also be done via video conference.
  2. In two sessions with you and a visit to your organization or team we collect information. This is followed by research and analysis on our part. You will then receive an AQAL report which classifies the many moving parts of your situation, shows common patterns and causes and gives clear instructions for next steps.


1. option CHF 200 to 500.- plus VAT

2. option CHF 750 to 1,500.- plus VAT

Abstract representation of The Module on the AQAL map

Individual Coaching

Do you want to develop yourself and don't know your next steps? Do you feel that there is more in you than you currently embody? You have a concrete problem that affects your work? 

The Integral Individual Coaching is the most comprehensive and holistic approach to personal development currently available. The coaching approach can best be described as systemic and holarchic and comprises the four basic modules of Body, Mind, Emotion and Mindfulness.

The coaching starts with a non-binding chemistry meeting, where we analyse your situation, define the goal of the coaching and create a personal basis of trust. In the second step, you will receive an assessment focusing on your personality structure (Integral Personality Assessment) and on the status of your most important developmental lines (cognition, values, world view, body, function). From this we derive the roadmap and the concrete topics that we work on with you in the sessions. 

The coaching takes place in blocks, after the Chemistry Meeting the first block is outlined. It usually contains between five and ten sessions. The sessions take place with a time frame of 60 - 90 minutes, in which the Here & Now always has priority - this means that in our coaching sessions flexibility and agility are more important than a fixed plan.

Cost: The price per session is CHF 150 - 300.-, the basic version of the assessment CHF 190 - 300.-, i.e. for one coaching block:

  1. Starter option, five sessions with assessment: CHF 950 to CHF 1,800.- plus VAT
  2. Advanced option, ten sessions and assessment: CHF 1,800 to CHF 3,900.- plus VAT

Further information and registration for the Chemistry Meeting

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Scrum Master +

In the Scrum process the Scrum Master plays a key role. In our ScrumMaster+ training you get to know yourself and also your unconscious parts. Then you learn how to recognize them before you act. And finally you learn to do the same for your team.

The normal Scrum Master training focuses mainly on the external aspects of the role: Know the rules of the process, find out how they can best be applied to your team and your product, teach all team members the same language, etc.

But the inner aspects or the personality of the Scrum Master are just as important: Get to know your own self, recognize when you are acting out of unconscious feelings or selfish motivations, recognize when a team member is doing the same and learn to notice the needs of the team even if they are not doing it themselves.

The training takes place in two stages:

In the first five sessions (60-90 minutes each) you will receive an assessment using the Integral Personality System (IPS), which gives you insight into your conscious and unconscious personality structures. We will work out concrete steps that will bring more self-awareness to your work as a Scrum Master.
Before and after this block we will visit you at your workplace (e.g. in a Retrospective) to assess your working methods and your environment.
If you decide to continue, we will work together in a coaching block of 10 sessions on your unconscious patterns as well as help you to increasingly bring these insights into your team. You will receive tools that enable you to detect unconscious or fear-based behavior and to show it to the team without judgment.


  1. Starter option: CHF 1,600 - 2,900.- plus VAT
  2. Ongoing Coaching: CHF 1,800 - 3,900.- plus VAT

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Team Vision

The Team Vision Workshop gives the participants the opportunity to get back in touch with their original motivation behind their work and to coordinate it with the rest of the team. A team can only act successfully if all team members pull together. Unfortunately, however, this is not consciously encouraged in normal everyday work. Teams "believe" that they are pursuing the same goal, but when conflicts arise they often find that this has not been the case for a long time.

Team Vision is not about team building or other measures that promote team spirit, but about finding out what the deepest reason of each individual member is to be active in the world. From the integration of these deepest motivations comes an image/vision that everyone can identify with. So we are not looking for the lowest common denominator, which is often the result of compromise, but for the highest motivation. 


  1. Starter option (2 - 3h workshop with a trainer): CHF 700 - 1,800.- plus VAT
  2. Advanced option (full-day workshop with two trainers): CHF 2,400 - 3,900.- plus VAT