Maps of Evolution: New Languages! - On 09.02.2021

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By: Silas Hörler
On: 09.02.2021

We are very excited to announce that our models are now available in two new languages:


  • Spanish
  • Hungarian

We are very grateful to George from Chile, José from Spain and Zoltán and Anikó from Hungary for their effort in achieving this. 
They contacted us, telling us that they are actively using the Maps and asked for our permission to translate them, so they could make them available to a wider public. To us this shows how useful the AQAL framework is when it is applied in a manner that speaks to people.

Thank you very much for helping us in this quest.

Maps of Evolution: Free Webinar - On 29.06.2020

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By: Simon Grossen
On: 29.06.2020

The Maps of Evolution are state-of-the-art models and will have a huge impact on any holistic and comprehensive analysis you make, any consulting you give and even on your personal practice. Because we want to enable you to work with these models as effectively as possible, we will be holding a free webinar in July 2020. You will get a brief introduction into the workings of the models, see a standard strategy of applying them in a problem solving process and get answers to questions you might have. This webinar will be particularly interesting to you if you are in a position where you coach other people or if you want to help people in their personal and professional growth.

Date: July 17th 2020
Time: 3pm CET
Duration: ca. two hours

The webinar will be held in English. Your hosts, Silas & Kai, would be very happy to welcome you. So if you are interested you can sign up here:

To answer as many questions as we can, we ask you to send your questions before the webinar to or note them in the registration form.

Coachee Day June 2020 - On 02.06.2020

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By: Simon Grossen
On: 02.06.2020

On Sat. 13.06.2020 we are organizing the second Outdoor Coaching afternoon in the Basel region under the theme "The Future of Work".

We are confronted today with drastic global challenges such as global warming. At the same time, the world of work is undergoing rapid change due to digitalization and automation. This is a time that calls for leaders and teams that do their work with care, passion and vision, creating a culture of development and transformation, and providing comprehensive and concrete solutions to global problems. In this respect, employee relations at the workplace, the We-Space and fruitful conditions (e.g. a healthy mistake culture, transparency, etc.) in the teams play a decisive role in the success of this evolutionary step.

During our coaching afternoon you will gain clarity about how we can and should work in the future, what your needs are for relationships and We-Space at work and how you can initiate structural changes in your daily work and your organization. With concrete exercises we will make the new forms of cooperation tangible and round off the afternoon with a social apéro and exchange.

For more Info please click here: Coachee Day 13.06.2020

Are you in a leading position or working as a coach and are you interested in participating? Then you can register here:

Kickstart 2020 - On 21.01.2020

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By: Simon Grossen
On: 21.01.2020

The new year 2020 is launched and it is time to put your good intentions into reality! With our current coaching offer we can provide the ideal support for you.

Are you ready to take the next step? Do you want to develop yourself in the deepest sense? Then you have come to the right place. Here you will find information about what to expect and about our coaches:

Book a free Chemistry meeting with one of our coaches today and benefit from a discount on the first coaching block. Promo code: kickstart 2020

"Stages of Organizations" now available! - On 22.07.2019

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By: Silas Hörler
On: 22.07.2019

After we have completely revised and expanded our debut Stages of the Self, a new map of development now follows: Stages of Organizations.  Using the same framework, we focus on organizations such as businesses and NPOs and show the developmental process they have undergone and continue to undergo throughout history.
Since this tool not only classifies the organizational structures, but also shows the characteristics of the individual human being within the organization, development discrepancies can be identified very quickly.

And so that the wealth of information of these two tools is not too overwhelming, we have set up a site on our homepage, which is dedicated only to the explanation of the framework and application examples.