The Team Vision Workshop gives the participants the opportunity to get back in touch with their original motivation behind their work and to coordinate it with the rest of the team. A team can only act successfully if all team members pull together. Unfortunately, however, this is not consciously encouraged in normal everyday work. Teams "believe" that they are pursuing the same goal, but when conflicts arise they often find that this has not been the case for a long time.

Team Vision is not about team building or other measures that promote team spirit, but about finding out what the deepest reason of each individual member is to be active in the world. From the integration of these deepest motivations comes an image/vision that everyone can identify with. So we are not looking for the lowest common denominator, which is often the result of compromise, but for the highest motivation. 


  1. Starter option, workshop 2-3h, time effort: 1/2 day
  2. Advanced option, full-day workshop with two trainers, time effort: 2 days