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Our History

IntegralWorks AG was founded in spring 2018 by 7 founding members with the vision to establish Integral Awareness in organizations and the business world. The driving force is and has been the desire to bring our many years of experience in working with inner processes and growth into organizations; based on the insight and conviction that visionary, holistic and healthy organizations can create great leverage and deep impact on their people and the world.

We are a transdisciplinary team with many years of rich experience in integral theory and practice, especially in leading groups, retreats and seminars as well as integral life coaching. In addition, each of our team members is self-employed in various areas, be it IT, management consulting, crafts or gastronomy.


Bild von Andreas Renz

Andreas Renz

Director of Vision & Strategy, Integral Consultant and Trainer

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Andreas Renz

Andreas completed an apprenticeship as a chemical laboratory technician and later obtained his federal professional matura at the Gymnasium Oberwil. He studied philosophy, physics and MGU (Man, Society, Environment) for 4 years at the University of Basel. During and after his studies he earned his living as an independent Salsa dance teacher and part-time physics teacher. Today he runs the 'Holzwerkstatt Andreas Renz' as an independent artisan, where he combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technology in a creative way. Andreas has more than 10 years of experience as a life and team coach in Integral Life Practice, especially in leading shadow groups, Integral Bodywork and individual coaching. He has built the integral community in Basel and has extensive knowledge and practical experience in both Integral Theory and Practice. Today Andreas is responsible for quality assurance and supervision at 'Integral Switzerland'.

As co-founder and 'Director Vision & Strategy', Andreas is responsible for the future perspective and the big picture view, advising individuals and companies, and developing tools and content.

Bild von Simon Grossen

Simon Grossen

General Manager, Integral Consultant and Trainer

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Simon Grossen

Simon graduated from a commercial school with a federal professional matura and from the FHNW Basel with a degree in business administration, specialising in financial management. He worked for several years in various positions in human resources and accounting and has further experience in areas such as youth work, the fire brigade and as a drummer. Simon has been working as an independent consultant, trustee and coach for start-ups, self-employed individuals and small companies for over 5 years. He has more than 3 years experience as life and team coach in Integral Life Practice and is responsible for the structural and legal aspects of 'Integral Switzerland' as well as co-leading shadow groups at 'Integrales Leben'.

As co-founder and 'General Manager', Simon is responsible for corporate and structural issues, advising individuals and companies and developing the Corporate Blueprint.

Bild von Kai Mosebach

Kai Mosebach

Manager Workshops, Integral Consultant and Trainer

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Kai Mosebach

Kai graduated from KIT Karlsruhe with a degree in Information Management (TH) and worked for many years in IT at ETH Zurich. He is co-founder and main responsible for the organizational development of the FreshX GmbH in Germany, which works in the areas of process consulting and system development. Kai has over 5 years of experience as a life and team coach in Integral Life Practice and has built up the group format 'Shadowbusters' and led it for several years. Today he is responsible for leading shadow groups at 'Integrales Leben'. Since early 2018, Kai is the happy father of a son.

As co-founder and in his role as 'Manager Workshops', Kai is responsible for developing new workshop and training concepts as well as leading them.

Bild von Silas Hörler

Silas Hörler

Integral Consultant and Trainer

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Silas Hörler

Silas has a Swiss Federal Matura and many years of experience as a craftsman and foreman in landscaping. Today he is self-employed as a creative craftsman and runs the company 'Hörler Stein & Eisen'. Silas is author of the book 'Integral Bodywork' and operator of the Youtube channel with the same name. He has more than 5 years of experience as a life and team coach in Integral Life Practice. Today he is responsible for leading and developing the Integral Bodywork and Shadow Groups. He also leads the 'Integrales Forum Schweiz' project.

As co-founder with the function of 'Trainer', Silas is responsible for leading workshops and trainings, analyzing and formulating new approaches and content and developing tools.

picture of Gradlon von Känel

Gradlon von Känel


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Gradlon von Känel

Gradlon completed his training as a retailer in the field of music accerories with a federal professional matura. He worked for several years in various professions, including bike messenger, driver for transportation of the disabled and security. In addition, he has training as a web designer and NLP master. Today, Gradlon is self-employed as a web designer and developer of web applications and as co-manager of a café in Basel. Since the summer of 2018 he has also been co-leader of the 'Shadowbusters' at 'Integrales Leben'.

In his role as 'Webmaster' at IntegralWorks he is responsible for the development and administration of the websites and web tools.