"As a rather "top-heavy, thinking" person, I was able to discover and connect with my body, my feelings in a completely new way through the coaching with Simon and further developed myself strongly as an integrated holistic personality."

"This is some of the most exciting work I have seen! Thank you and best wishes!"

- Feedback on the 'Maps of Evolution' and the Webinar Series

"The last weeks went very well from my point of view and I had a lot of fun. I am very dedicated to my job and I enjoy the tasks; I also worked quite a lot. Everything went pretty much as I wanted and I am enjoying this phase.

I've had a few challenges to overcome, recently in the private area, and I'm very happy with the results, I've been able to rely on my inner voice and I've come out of these situations stronger now."

- After the coaching

"It was an intense and wholesome journey together with the team of IntegralWorks to dive into my own personality. To identify and recognise my fear and weaknesses and to learn how to use them in a positive way was one of the key experiences.

In addition to mental training, the physical exercises were very helpful in using my body more consciously.

Today I feel that I have more of an objective view on mine and other people's behavioral patterns.

It was a very honest and powerful experience. Thank you."

"Yesterday was awesome. I was more tired, more broken than after the Jungfrau-Marathon but somehow there was a strong and cool feeling."