Dear Kai, thank you for the IAI results. It was very touching for me to talk to you and read the written result later. Thank you for the care you transmitted :)


Thanks to HireFit, we were able to identify the key qualifications for the vacant position more clearly. This was a tremendous benefit for the subsequent interviews. Our staffing for the position then showed that our gut feeling was also based on tangible facts.

Our last session put the pressure aside, the bullet in my heart is gone and I'm sleeping well again. What a feeling✨

During my coaching, I particularly appreciated the coaches' sincere interest in me as a person, even beyond the professional coaching relationship. I felt (and still feel) invited to turn to them when needed.

"As a rather "top-heavy, thinking" person, I was able to discover and connect with my body, my feelings in a completely new way through the coaching with Simon and further developed myself strongly as an integrated holistic personality."