An increasingly complex world brings with it more complex problems and requires a complex and global consciousness to solve them. Our mission is to support and accelerate the growth of consciousness of mankind and organizations.
Developmental psychology shows that the path to a global consciousness in individuals and organizations passes through stages and is subject to clear laws. We at Integralworks believe that this knowledge and the ability to apply it must be actively brought into companies and organizations to solve the complex problems of today and tomorrow.
This transformation will only succeed with the help of wise managers and companies of integrity that cultivate a conscious attitude towards themselves and their stakeholders. Integralworks offers the necessary products, services and the integral overall understanding for this step.


"Stages of Organizations" now available! - on 22.07.2019

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by: Silas Hörler
on: 22.07.2019

After we have completely revised and expanded our debut Stages of the Self, a new map of development now follows: Stages of Organizations.  Using the same framework, we focus on organizations such as businesses and NPOs and show the developmental process they have undergone and continue to undergo throughout history.
Since this tool not only classifies the organizational structures, but also shows the characteristics of the individual human being within the organization, development discrepancies can be identified very quickly.

And so that the wealth of information of these two tools is not too overwhelming, we have set up a site on our homepage, which is dedicated only to the explanation of the framework and application examples.

Agile Beyond IT 2019 - on 08.03.2019

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on: 08.03.2019

Next week we will be present at the Agile Beyond IT Conference in Berlin with Silas Hörler and Kai Mosebach and two contributions. 
On Tue March 12 from 16:35 - 17:20 we start with the presentation on "Inside matters - why Agile is only half of the truth" and round off on March Wed March 13 from 17:30 - 19:10 with the short workshop on "Courageous Conversation"
An agile mindset, culture and agile inner processes are absolutely essential for the powerful and sustainable impact of 'Agile'. In our contributions we use the integral development maps to show which factors are decisive in cultivating the agile mindset and how you can practice agile inner processes as a team and anchor them in your organization.