An increasingly complex world brings with it more complex problems and requires a complex and global consciousness to solve them. Our mission is to support and accelerate the growth of consciousness of mankind and organizations.
Developmental psychology shows that the path to a global consciousness in individuals and organizations passes through stages and is subject to clear laws. We at Integralworks believe that this knowledge and the ability to apply it must be actively brought into companies and organizations to solve the complex problems of today and tomorrow.
This transformation will only succeed with the help of wise managers and companies of integrity that cultivate a conscious attitude towards themselves and their stakeholders. Integralworks offers the necessary products, services and the integral overall understanding for this step.


Maps of Evolution: New Languages! - On 09.02.2021

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By: Silas Hörler
On: 09.02.2021

We are very excited to announce that our models are now available in two new languages:


  • Spanish
  • Hungarian

We are very grateful to George from Chile, José from Spain and Zoltán and Anikó from Hungary for their effort in achieving this. 
They contacted us, telling us that they are actively using the Maps and asked for our permission to translate them, so they could make them available to a wider public. To us this shows how useful the AQAL framework is when it is applied in a manner that speaks to people.

Thank you very much for helping us in this quest.

Maps of Evolution: Free Webinar - On 29.06.2020

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By: Simon Grossen
On: 29.06.2020

The Maps of Evolution are state-of-the-art models and will have a huge impact on any holistic and comprehensive analysis you make, any consulting you give and even on your personal practice. Because we want to enable you to work with these models as effectively as possible, we will be holding a free webinar in July 2020. You will get a brief introduction into the workings of the models, see a standard strategy of applying them in a problem solving process and get answers to questions you might have. This webinar will be particularly interesting to you if you are in a position where you coach other people or if you want to help people in their personal and professional growth.

Date: July 17th 2020
Time: 3pm CET
Duration: ca. two hours

The webinar will be held in English. Your hosts, Silas & Kai, would be very happy to welcome you. So if you are interested you can sign up here:

To answer as many questions as we can, we ask you to send your questions before the webinar to or note them in the registration form.